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Fort Bonifacio: City Planning and Secure Living

Bonifacio Global City (or just BGC) is nested in one of the most exclusive residential districts or barangay in Manila: Barangay Fort Bonifacio. With a history spanning over a hundred years as the most secure and well-protected military headquarters in the capital, it is only natural that BGC is also the safest and most efficient neighborhood in all of Manila.

Safety and Security

BGC is one hundred percent private property. This means that it has the luxury no other city enjoys: full-time round-the-clock security. They range from the obvious spick-and-span guards at Bonifacio High Street who seem to know the location of every single store and restaurant in BGC to the roving guards on motorcycles dressed in civilian attire.

The security officers of BGC complement the subtle but effective presence of the policemen of Taguig City. BGC’s official location is under the jurisdiction of the Taguig City government. With a safety and security detail equipped with much better equipment and vehicles than anywhere else in Manila, you are at the safest place you can ever be in the country.

This 24/7 security detail is provided by the Aglipay Security Agency, the same company that provides security officers for one of the most prestigious private schools in Manila, De La Salle University (located about 20-30 minutes from BGC, at Vito Cruz – Taft Avenue, Manila).

In addition, each building in BGC has an in-house security team which works hand in glove with the total BGC security agency, ensuring efficient and non-invasive protection for all residents and visitors.


City Planning and Infrastructure

BGC has two very special features which sets it apart from any other city in Manila: The Burgos Circle flood water tank & Interactive open spaces

Fort Bonifacio (the nostalgic and classic name of BGC) has one crucial reputation to maintain: it is flood free. While the rest of the city is submerged in water during heavy rains and the monsoon season, BGC maintains clear and passable roads. This may seem a mystery to many but it can be explained by the foresight of the city’s planners. Burgos Circle, that roundabout in BGC which is also a prime nightlife spot, houses the city’s largest underwater flood water tank. Just how big is the tank? It can hold tens of millions of cubic meters of flood water. This is why this is the only place in Manila which never floods.

Open spaces play also an important role in keeping Fort Bonifacio flood free and at the same time a pleasant place to just walking around in the evening, tall ultramodern buildings suddenly give way to large swathes of greenery. It’s a feast for the senses!

Living in BGC is the best for peace of mind. You are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from both unwanted urban elements and even forces of nature!

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